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What happens when we change Data Source

Hi Guys,

I am developing QlikSense dashboard using excel sheets as data source however later part of the project i am going to change the data source to SQL or Amazon Redshift.

I am not sure whether I can retain all of visualizations, calculated measures and variables. Or do I need to re-create the dashboard again?

Ashok Yadav

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Re: What happens when we change Data Source

No you dont need to create change in the dashboard or in UI part. You have to just aware about the Tables names fields, Keys that you use also Metrics and dimension. When you change source better you create the QVDs of that because when you change the source of the Data you have to change it in the QVD makers it is good practice.

Hope you understand the Qlikview architecture better way or you can learn about the Qlik architecture.



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Re: What happens when we change Data Source

Hi As Anand Says....

Just change the data source like creating the connection string

and  load the same tables from DB  and just copy after the from path and replace the excel path in the script.

and make sure that all the column names should be same .