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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

I'm sorry my explination is not clearing thing up for you.  Perhaps the best thing to do is for you to use both product and decide for your self.


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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

THanks Josh.

I didn't see the datasheet, I'll check it out.



Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

Hello Vijay -- I see you posted the same question from this thread - Self-Service Visualization with QlikSense on QlikCloud - Is it a threat to Developers? - in to this thread, so for continuity purposes - I will re-post - the same response here:

Your observations are valid. Marketing interpretation is always subjective, so I can understand where you are comin from. At the moment, it has to do with providing choices for different needs in the market. There are different market segments in many industries, including Business Intelligence. These segments comprise of individuals (and organizations) with varying needs and skill sets. Some want quick and easy visualizations they can develop themselves with little help or dependency on others. They also want an easy way to share them or have the ability to work on them together without traditional drawbacks of other desktop and data visualization tools. Some want full custom purpose-built applications. Some want to embed analytics into their own software applications, etc.(APIs)  QlikView and/or Sense - fills these needs. All, eventually, may want secure, controlled and managed environments to serve the masses.

Here is a quick example and a true story - just to give you an idea.

My daughter (14) is attending summer classes for her health academy. She had a project where she needed to present "time-trial" data over a 4 week period as well as plot other data points for comparison, etc. Her data was collected in Excel, so she started to use Excel to create charts, and was asking me many questions, that I could not really answer without some research and effort. I stopped her in her tracks ... and said "let's try this" ... and opened up Sense Desktop. I allowed here to start "playing with it" - with very little guidance from me, she was able to quickly create what she needed to answer her questions and have something useful to present to her class.

Why? - Because it was easy for her skill level to understand. It was fun for her to explore the interface and create what she needed. The visualizations allowed her to interact with the data, and see patterns that would otherwise be missed. The time it took her was minimal. She served herself. Overall she had a good experience - that she will now repeat again for another project, with little help from me - if any.

I know this is on a small scale, but the point here is that my daughter had little experience with spreadsheet and BI tools - she knew her requirements and was able to apply what she needed using Sense with little training - because of the layout, interface, design etc. Previously she used QlikView for a project in a prior year, thought it was cool - but it was not intuitive for her skill level and did require some hand-holding. Take this experience and apply many times over to groups of individuals and companies whom have similar needs and skill sets and you can see what I mean. Their initial experiences with Sense Desktop will allow them to explore new data, response to new requirements etc. - which then has the potential to evolve into an enterprise, secure and governed deployment of Sense, supporting all the needs of the organization.

Note as I stated earlier, yes there may be similarities between them - but the approaches people take and the people using them may be different. It's important to remember that this is just the beginning of our next-generation data discovery platform that will continue to evolve and improve over future releases. For example. the way something is done in QlikView today - may be done a better or a different way in Sense. The goals is not  to directly replicate what is in QlikView and put it into Sense. It is to improve and find better and new ways to do the things people need. Smart visualizations, responsive design, data storytelling, data perception - build once deploy anywhere etc. (mobility)

Also, most importantly (in order to address your question of - providing a single product)- we have over 35,000 QlikView customers - we need to be cognizant of their existing investment and still provide features, support, etc. for the existing product and their applications. As well as allow them them the opportunity to see if Sense could also fit their needs, which they can consider migrating to at the pace they desire, without forcing them to move over  - (unlike I have seen many times with other BI platforms that have released "next-generation" software.)  - Could Sense replace QlikView - and become a single product offering in the future? I do not know the answer to that - that is up for the BI market to decide. Will Sense be able to support the growing needs of organizations just like QlikView has done. In a nutshell .. yes. I have full confidence that it can.


Mike T

Mike Tarallo
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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

In my opinion it is the answer to Tableau.  If you import an excel sheet into Tableau and give the user an hour to build visual and meaningful charts you will end up with an application that is somewhat meaningful and visually impressive.  If you then ask them to build the same charts in QlikView, it's not going to happen.

QlikSense answers that problem for Qlik and provides an Apples to Apples alternative to Tableau.

Again this is my opinion.

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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?


Thank you once again.


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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

It seems like that Sense is as simple as Excel concerning creating graphs etc., so it tries to compete with that product, though being more oriented towards the web and mobile applications ??? (Just guessing).

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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?


There's a useful blog you could take a look at that provides a bit more of an overview:




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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

Certainly, Qlik Sense is transforming from QlikView towards achieving goals of Self service BI.

my opinion says it has more drag and drop wizards to develop and build dashboards, It has ready Touch screen, Lasso features to work on hand held devices.


Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

Have to agree with Mike here. I speak of this from first-hand experience having worked for a smaller software vendor that came across the very same thing. We had a well used existing product and developed something new based on customer demand for features and better online interactivity and the concept of 'self-service'. One of the problems we faced was with a potential of cannibalising the existing market of customers and not sure if this will ever be mentioned by Qkik but I'm sure it was a consideration.

Mike is definitely right that there are different types of users in the BI space, those who want something as simple as Sense or those who want something more robust and powerful like Qlikview. I saw this come out and immediately thought of it as a Tableau killer. It's not just the ease of use to build apps from scratch but the fact that the work bench editor makes it so easy for developers like myself to build our own types of charts (look out for a mapping solution we'll come throw up over the next few weeks!) and other features such as utilising HTML5.

I see this as a very strong market response to the growing threat of players like Tableau and a lite-version to boot. The advantage of this is that the market of users can respond and help with the LEAN development that I'm hoping Qlik does.

I can see customers who want to focus on the data they deliver and want cool features like those available in Sense but cannot afford to spend time learning something non intuitive to create these. Other BI vendors might not necessarily have apps that can do things as easily as Qlik Sense and something like Qlikview falls into that category too.

Overall, I like the approach Qlik have taken here because it feels like a good strong foundation to build upon. Eventually there might be a merging of the products and I can see features crossing over Qlikview and Sense over the next few years but I think the interesting thing will be seeing how the competitors respond to this. Gotta love competition pushing the boundaries of the industry further and further =)

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Re: What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?

Take a look at this blog. I had the same doubt and it helped me a lot.


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