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What is the Content Admin in Qliksense

What is the Content Admin in Qliksense

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Re: What is the Content Admin in Qliksense

Has create, read, update and delete rights for all resources except nodes, engines, repositories, schedulers, proxies, virtual proxies, and syncs. Has read and publish rights on Administration stream.


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Re: What is the Content Admin in Qliksense

Hi xxxyyy,

Hopefully you are asking for learning Qlik Sense Admin Course

below are the concepts

Administer and Maintainance

  • Introduction
  • Business case
  • Qlik Sense install and the QMC
  • Add and manage users
  • Apps, objects, streams and tasks
  • Qlik Sense security
  • Data connections and data security
  • Content libraries and extensions
  • Monitor and troubleshoo
    Qlik Sense Server Architecture
  • Introduction
  • Server Components
  • Single and multi-node architecture
  • Proxies & virtual proxies
  • Schedulers
  • Creating sync rules & load balancing
  • Single sign-on concepts


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