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What is the correct process to load data?

I inherited this environment with qlik sense 3.0. We used web based portal to access qlik.

Over the last couple of days, I been researching how it's set up.

We have jobs/tasks to update the data from mysql/sql.

The data are store in qvd in extract and transform folder. So I'm still figuring this out.

I'm trying to create test scripts/tables and trying to figure out the correct process. I'm able to complete the steps, but not sure if I have the correct order. I can't find anything on this.

1. pull data from mysql or sql.

2. store it in qvd

3. when I'm ready, use data load editor web base to load from qvd file ?

4. When I do this, I'm not seeing the new table in data model viewer and doing preview, am I missing a step?

does it make a difference if I use qlikview desktop or web base data manager?

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Re: What is the correct process to load data?


      The best practice is to follow the load data and qlik performance is to use "Three tier Architecture"

Please find below URL:-






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Re: What is the correct process to load data?

omg, that article you posted were so helpful.

I couldn't find that. Thank you so much!