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What is the recommended distributed architecture for Qlik Sense?


Qlik Sense will be accessed by 6 companies within a group. Each group will have on average 10 users and there will be around 10 dashboards per company. The number of concurrent connections will be around 30 and the total size of data (for 3 years) is around 80 GB. I wanted to know what is the best recommended architecture for this scenario. The client does not want to put everything on one server. Hence, I wanted to know:

1. How many rim nodes will be appropriate for this scenario?

2. How and what services should be hosted on the rim nodes?

3. Can I have each node servicing only 2 clients? If yes, how should I distribute the services?

4. What is the minimum bandwidth I should consider per site in event that I will be having 5 concurrent connections per site?

Thank you in advance for the responses.



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