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What security rule allow users to view and publish other users apps in their personal workstream in the QMC??

Hello Qlik Community,

I am currently working on a project where we have a role called “Publisher”. These users will need to be able to view the apps in other users work stream and publish it to the respective stream where everyone can see. One caveat with this rule is that the "Publisher" should also not be able to see a few select stream that are meant for other admin/developer roles.

There is an out of the box content admin role where you can view other users personal work stream. We attempted to mirror the rules that are set up within this role; however, the rules are set up using the * method, giving them access to all the rules, therefore we could not pin point which rule actually gives them access to view/publish apps from personal work stream. Also, please keep in mind that we also need to restrict these users from seeing other private streams that are meant for Admins/Developers otherwise we would use the * method.

Any idea if this is possible or if someone done this before? We are placing the security rules within the QMC so I'm curious if there are any Security Admins that's been through this before.

Appreciate the assistance in advance.