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When to use which language, JQuery, Javascript, AngularJS etc in Qlik Sense extensions development?

When to use which language, JQuery, Javascript, AngularJS etc in Qlik Sense extensions development?

I am fairly new to QlikSense but have good knowledge to QlikView development.

To start creating extensions, I want to learn things from basics. So, which language should i focus on first (JQuery, AngularJs etc)?

Also, do these languages have any specific purpose/use in terms of QlikSense or these can be alternatively used?

I have zero background on any of these and ready to learn any of these..

So, if you have any suggestions or guidance, do share. Thanks.

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I suggest reading this posts from Karl Pover:

Qlik Sense Developer Step #1: Web Dev Fundamentals - Harvesting Wisdom

Qlik Sense Developer Step #2a: Qlik Sense Extension Basics - Harvesting Wisdom

Qlik Sense Developer Step #2b: My First Extension - Harvesting Wisdom

Have a nice reading !


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Thanks to Pablo and Jahanzeb for the inputs.

Here is what I have done , in sequence, and been able to be in a much better state of understanding of extension objects:

1. Basics of HTML (not too much just basic tags, p, br, table, head, style, body etc)

2. Basics of Javascript (again not too much in the beginning, just the basics)

3. Basics of CSS and Bootstrap

4. Basics of JQuery

But this i have been able to edit/ decode extensions and have created simple extension objects (non selectable yet). w3school is a good resource for all above points. Next is to learn qlik API and then cycling all the points again and again