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Where is the working directory in Qlik Sense Enterprise Hub?

I'm trying to do a binary load in Qlik Sense from another app in the hub. What is the path for the working directory and/or where can I find this information?

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Binary load is a little weird in Qlik Sense. it is supported but only from .qvf or .qvw files. but catch is in the server app is not saved as a .qvf file.

so only way is to find the app you want to reload in pgm data /Qlik/Sense/Apps

copy and rename it it .qvf file

and then binary load it.

of course the qvf file will not be updated when reload next runs. hence i said weird. i hope qlik comes up with something better

I suggest you store the data from your source app into qvds and load those rather than binary load.