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Working with XML files June-2017 version

Hello Qlik Community,

We are experiencing very annoying behavior trying to load "large" XML files with QlikSense version June-2017, as describe:

We are trying to load 30 XML files, each one of these XML contains several tables, our script loops through each one of these XML files, triggering the LOAD statement targeting just one of the tables in the XML file; as we illustrate below, our target table is Tx, we loop over all the XML file loading Tx.

The names of the columns within these XML are very verbose (e.g. very long names, 10-20 characters long).

Our issue is the load script, stops at a random row when loading Tx from the File-01.XML (first file on the list), we renamed it to File-01.XM (just for the loop to exclude it), the load script managed to process 5 or 6 File-0x.XML then stop again!

The load script is not stopping at the same row each time.

The workstation running the process has 32 Gb RAM. The file Tx in this particular scenario has on average 300K rows

We are open to suggestions!!!!


This load script was running beautifully with QlikView, we do not have QlikView any more as we upgrade to QlikSense a while back.

A Generic way to visually our load script:

File-01.XML ==> t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, ... .Tx.. ... t19

File-02.XML ==> t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, ... .Tx. ... t19

File-03.XML ==> t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, ... .Tx.. ... t19



FILE-2x.XML ==> t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, ... ... ... t19

We hope somebody could help us, we cannot change the structure of these XML files as they are a requirement.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Working with XML files June-2017 version

Having the exact same problem here. Beginning with the new update (June 2017), no XML data load works anymore. Small files included.

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Re: Working with XML files June-2017 version

I opened up a case with the Qlik support and they confirmed the error within June / September Version of Qlik Sense Desktop. Qlik Sense Enterprise however should not be affected.

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Re: Working with XML files June-2017 version

My company opened up a case regarding this matter, also. We use Qlik Sense Enterprise and it is definitely *not* working. In fact, we have an official answer confirming that. This is a major issue for our business. We are now spinning up a separate, test environment, so that we can test if the issue is fixed in the September 2017 release. Fingers crossed.

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Re: Working with XML files June-2017 version

Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting back, as this thread got no replies earlier, We opened a second one (referencing Michael Tarallo, you could find it here: https://community.qlik.com/message/1363244?et=watches.email.thread#1363244)

My last entry to that thread add more information to this issue, as we discovered that having an ALIAS prior to the LOAD statement triggers the freezing issue.

Extending our research, once we got it running stable (more than 5 times) without using an ALIAS on the table, we aliased the table to A, it worked few times, then we aliased to its appropriated name: RouteVariantPoint, to and it is still working.

Something else we noticed, when the LOAD process is running fine (with or without an Alias), the records count appearing on the Data load progress screen shows increments of 30K records, but when it freeze the increments are in around the 120K records mark.

I hope this helps,

Please keep us posted, either on this thread or the one listed above.

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