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Would you like to give me your feedback on Qlik Sense?


I'm currently working at a bank, and we are interested in implementing a BIS. So far I have ran some dashboards on Qlik Sense, and based on the end-user, I believe it is the best option. I've tried other BIS and providers as well.

With that said, before I go to the General Manager with the proposal, I've been asked to gather feedback from other local banks, however we could just get feedback from one bank. There are not that many banks in my country that use Sense.

Would you like to share your experience with me? I'd appreciate your help.

These are some of the questions you could answer, just to cover some specific points...

1. For how long have you been using Sense?

2. What departments use it?

3. How long did it take to be up and running?

4. What inmediate benefits did you get when Sense was implemented?

5. What type of that feeds your BIS? (i.e. SQL querys, excel datasheets,etc) I'm not asking for the data itself. Just the type.

If you want to address anything else that may come in handy, I'd appreciate it.