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Write the QVD Data to PostgresDB only + Qlik Sense

Hello Qlik Experts,

Please guide me for below query.

I am trying to load the data from databse (SQL), done some changes in Qlik Sense and storing the updated data into QVD's.

Now i have to Write the QVD Data to PostgresDB only.



Thanks in Advance..!!

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Qlik Sense is not the tool you are looking for storing data into an Postgres database.

You will probably need to look for a third party software to do that.  

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Postgres is qlik sense Audit database

if you want to load QVD data in to Postgres you will have to create new tables and load data using ETL


>>Postgres is qlik sense Audit database

Strictly speaking, the Qlik Sense metadata is stored in a Postgres SQL database installed when you install Sense (usually). I would not write anything there. But perhaps the OP means a different Postgres database? Then I suggest an external ETL tool rather than Sense, as already suggested, but you might need Sense to store the QVD data in a text file for that ETL process.

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