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Creator II
Creator II

Writing Expression in Header in Qliksense


I am developing a Dashboard from Qlikview to Qliksense.  In Qlik, the the header come like below.

Logo ( Apple)                             Dashboard Name( say Sales)                             one expression( ='Insights Worked between '& Date(Min({1}[Insight Worked Date]), 'M/D/YY') &' and ' &Date(Max({1}[Insight Worked Date]), 'M/D/YY') (2) (1))

I tried to do it in Qliksense , So I created a Text box, wrote expression as above, So I could create a header like below

Insight work between 08/29/19 to 09/02/20                                                                                                                   Logo

My concern is I want to add the Dashboard name as well. So in the Expression I have to write it , say Sales Dashboard.

My Expectation:

logo                                  Dashboard Name  (Sales)                                                                Time Expression


Please suggest.

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