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Contributor III
Contributor III

Wrong values on line chart when dimension is unselected

Hello guys,

I have created a line graph where dimension is the week number and the measure shows sum of KG.

The formula for the measure is as follows: =sum(aggr(Sum("[KGQuantity]")*-1,Index))

I have received proper order of weekes on x-axis after creation of master calendar but the labels of line of the graph do not show proper values of sums of KG. After selection of e.g. 1 week the sum of kg is correct.

I found somewhere on qlik community that the reason of that might be definition of variables which I am using for the purpose of master calendar but not sure:

min(SaleDate) as MinDate,
max(SaleDate) as MaxDate
Resident [sale2018];

Let vMinDate = Num(Peek('MinDate', 0, MinMaxTable));
Let vMaxDate = Num(Peek('MaxDate', 0, MinMaxTable));
drop table MinMaxTable;

Whait is the reason of such situation? Could you assist?

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