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YTD / Prior YTD


I'm trying to create a set analysis that will be used in the Nprinting Formulas area. Most set analysis's work between Qlik Sense and Nprint.

I am using SUM(IF([Service Year] = YEAR(Today()), [Case Count])) to return the Case Count for the Current YTD.

However, I cannot figure out how to get the Prior YTD.  I tried the YEAR(Today())-1 in the above, but it returns the entire year. I need it to cut off at the current day (rolling forward).

Anyone have a suggestion?


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Assuming you have a transaction date,

[Service Year] = YEAR(Today()) - 1 and [Transaction Date] <= AddMonths(Today(),-12)


Hi Stevens,

Please try to refer to this thread in which I tried to explain step by step this type of time expression

Ytd, Ytd-1

Mtd, Mtd-1 etc

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