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YTD calculation


How to get YTD in Straight table as an additional measure  along with Monthly sales measure in Qliksense

To Detail:

I have Data like

Yearmonth, Volume, Client name, product type

attached has the sample data and I want to calculate YTD and the pct difference along with the last 13 months volume

was able to use set analysis to get the sum for YTD but when I add that in pivot that is getting split by Year month  like below

Cname ,                                          year month                                            YTD

                             Jan 2017|Feb 2017|.....|Jan 2018|Feb 2018    Jan 2017|Feb 2017|.....|Jan 2018|Feb 2018

Arun                         10 |20.....|30|40                                                       10 |20.....|30|40

Asha                         30 |40.....|20|10                                                       30 |40.....|20|10

Can some body help me out to get the YTD and pct difference as Given in the excel

Thanks for all your help ahead