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Contributor III

Year Over Year Growth Calculation


I am having difficulty trying to calculate YOY growth for my average and penetration metrics, for example, average sales. The Sales, Units, Sales PY, Units PY, Avg. Sales, and Avg. Sales PY calculate fine. The formula for them are below:

Sales = Sum(sales)

Units = Sum(units)

Sales PY = Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}sales)

Units PY = Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}units)

Avg. Sales = Sum(sales) / Sum(units)

Avg. Sales PY = Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}units)

However, my Avg. Sales Growth formula does not work as expected. The formula is below:

Avg. Sales Growth = ((Sum(sales)/Sum(units)) -
(Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}units))) /
(Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}units))

If Avg. Sales for the current year is $3.80 and Avg. Sales PY is $3.41, Avg. Sales Growth is being calculated as 11.6%. But it should be 11.4%... how is this happening and how do I resolve? Thanks!

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Only(Year) is something not working in your case due to there is nothing aggregate to your field where you compare. Perhaps this may will give hint

((Sum(sales)/Sum(units)) -
(Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year-1))}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year-1))}>}units))) /
(Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year-1))}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year-1))}>}units))

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try this

((Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year)-1)}>}units)/Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year))}>}sales) / Sum({<Year={$(=only(Year))}>}units))*100)-100.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi everyone,

Just an update to this that the rounding of dollar and percent value is what is causing the discrepancy. If the full number is used in the YOY calculation, it is correct.