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Creator III
Creator III

Year month selections

Hi qlikss,

I have year quarter filter and bar chart.

2020 Jan , 2020 Feb, 2020 mar


Bar chart: year as dimension and sum(value) as measure. 

When I select on value  "2020 Feb" it should automatically select "2020 Jan " & "2020 Feb"

When I select on "2020 mar" it should automatically select "2020 Jan" & "2020 feb" & " 2020 mar"

Automatically chart also gets effected by selections 

How can I achieve this in qliksense.


2 Replies

Sum({<YearMonth = {"<=$(=Max(YearMonth))"}>}Value)

Creator III
Creator III

I created monthnumber then I used in set analysis

It's working fine as expected

Sum({<Monthnumber = {"<=$(=Max(monthnumber))"}>}Value)

But it works only when I click on monthnumber

1,2,3 values that I have I monthnumber.

It doesn't work with yearmonth ,maybe I have I some issue with my dates.

Anyhow thanks