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Zoom line chart with time dimension by selecting the range

Hello everyone,

I have a line chart with a time dimension on the X-axis and "sum(sales)/$(vtotalsales) " as a measure with the accumulate box checked for this measure in the chart options.

This allows us to see a percentage from 0 to 100 of the sales during all the timespan. 

Usually, they want to zoom for the time between two particular dates by selecting it on the X-axis. This is a problem cause it selects those dates and changes the values of the percentage for those months when it should just zoom but keep the same values.

I tried using set analysis too sum({<period>}sales)/$(vtotalsales) but this doesn't work either because it doesn't zoom when the rage of dates is selected on the x-axis.


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Hello, using total doesnt exactly work. This is the full curve before trying to zoom, using the measure sum(sales) and the accumulate option:

set analysis.JPG

If select on the x axis from 2020.01 to 2022.01 it will zoom these periods but it will also change the line because the measure reacts to the periods selected. I want this selection to act like a zoom for this chart if possible.

If I use set analysis: sum({<Period>}sales)  the curve won't change...but it wont zoom. 

If I use total: sum(total sales), the curve it's not the same: