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a issue about multi node


I have a issue about multi node.when i create a rim node then use autogeneration URL and password,then the error message as follow:

Install Qlik Sense certificates

The Qlik Sense certificates have been distributed to this machine. Enter the password provided in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) to install the certificates.

Could not install the Qlik Sense certificate package. Try again or check the log for details.

do you have the same issue,then how do i do to this ploblem,please let me know,thanks!

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Re: a issue about multi node

You have to provide a certificate password in rim node first generated at central node .

See the steps in attached PDF file

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Re: a issue about multi node


As first,thank you for your reply!

But i do not quite follow you, do you mean at the central node server before add the rim node i should be provided a certificate password,if not ,how and when to set up the certificate password?

waiting for you reply again!

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Re: a issue about multi node

hi Shraddha,

everything i do setup by the document named Qlik Sense Multi-node Setup Guide (DFAFT).pdf,but unfortuntly it does not work!

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Re: a issue about multi node

Is GREAT!!! how i wish there;s a STEP GUIDELINE like this provided by QLIK!

do you have a newer version of thise guideline?