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avoiding sync tables

HI all,

I have used 8 tables in my app. in 4 tables i have used "invitation_id" for association with the some tables.

Now i have added one new table "user_activity" in that table i don't have invitation_id to associate with the table "signup_activity".

I have joined the both table to get some counts from both the table. The values of the "user_activity" is not associating with the other tables.

I added other fields of user_activity  but sync table is creating.

Is their any way to add the any other field of user_activity to associate with other fields. or getting the counts without joining the tables.

I know this is not the way to ask the question. but i am helpless i can't able to add the .qvf.

If any one understand the issue help.

ask any questions if clarifications needed.



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Re: avoiding sync tables

Synthetic Keys are not really a problem unless ther number is small. I should have to take a look at your model to help you more, in the meanwhile readthias document, it may help you:

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Re: avoiding sync tables

Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for this. very good. Would this work, if I import 7 different tables from Sql, who only have one or two columns that match. I have started following you example, and it works very good, but when I get to 4 table import and a column name that matches on of the columns in one of the linked tables, thing does not seem to work..

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Re: avoiding sync tables

Hi Kumar,

Can you just share sample data of these tables (just couple of lines for each table is enough). I will help you with a POC.


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