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bar chart legends not showing


I have noticed the bar chart legends don't show until we have a height of 7 squares.

Is there a way to force the legend to show when the height is 5 or 6 squares.  I need to be able to see the chart legend.

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Re: bar chart legends not showing

Qlik is not going to display it until there is enough room.

Your other option is to expand the chart to full screen when using it.  Then you will always see the legend.

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Re: bar chart legends not showing


It seems like when I place the legend on the bottom there is room to display the legend.

It seems like a line graph needs to be 7 squares tall for the legend  to display.  I have several that are only 6 squares tall where I would like the legend.

Is there any workaround?


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Re: bar chart legends not showing

It's dependent the range of data in the graph and the screen resolution; the underlying framework "decides" what is significant based on how Qlik coded it - currently nothing the in UI to override.

Hover will show the legend labels.

You could create your own "legend" if it's only a few fields that don't change by adding a subtitle or footer.