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Contributor II
Contributor II

barsPlus + max grid height

Hey guys,

I'm quite new to Qlik, so please, be patient 😉

I'd like to combine 10 stacked bar charts (realized with barsPlus) on one sheet. The charts are quite simple as you can see (screenshot shows only 3 of 10 charts):

The X-Axis contains calendar weeks (just not displayed), the stacked Y-axis numbers (not started, in progress, done) and the charts itself are from different locations. Since the charts are arranged as a kind of dashboard, it would be great, if I could determine that the maximal grid height of the Y-axis should always (for all charts) be 250. Differences in total numbers would way more obvious. Is this possible?

BR, Dik

BTW: I'm using barsPlus. When you make charts quite small (necessary for this dashboard) with the Qlik bar chart you have always to scroll horizontally or vertically. Don't like this.

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