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basic question regarding lookup associations

I've spent three hours on this so far....so its time to ask for help....

I have 20+ years with databases, SQL, schemas etc - but nothing with Qlik so this is a really basic question.

Here's the problem. In database terms how do I get Qlik to use a lookup table to label the dimensions of my data?


Table Data - 25 records, maturity_code (value 1-4), other columns etc

Table Lookup - 4 records, maturity_code (value 1-4), Maturity (text description)

So I want to create a simple bar chart that counts how many times each value of maturity_code is found in Data - and labelled using the Maturity text. In my old DB world - that's a SQL join - in Qlik its an association.

So I have an association between data.maturity_code and lookup.maturity_code - so far so good.

If I choose Bar chart:

- dimensions = maturity

- measures = maturity_code

I get four bars labelled with the text from maturity - each with a value of 1. ie Qlik is listing the four text maturity values - and counting them once.....each time they appear in the lookup table.

How do I make Qlik count the number of times each maturity_code appears in the Data table?

I know its simple and I know its obvious and I know I am probably going to get roasted here but I cant see it.......

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Re: basic question regarding lookup associations

Doh - how long can you look at something before you work out the answer yourself.....all I needed to do was count a different field from the Data table.......sometimes the brain is slow