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Creator III
Creator III

by default last 12 months and when we select any date filters should change accordingly

Hi All, 

we are using the Year_Month dimension and showing the Count(IDs), using the below formula but its not working as expected. requirement is by default when nothing is selected line chart should show last 12 months data, and when they selected some year or Quarter then it should respond accordingly.


Year_Month = {"$(='>' & MonthStart(Max(Year_Month), -12) & '<=' & Max(Year_Month))"}

>} Id)

@sunny_talwar @jagan @Anil_Babu_Samineni  any other experts please respond here, really appreciate your response.

Thanks Much in advance. 

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Vishalgoud,

You can create an indicator that has 1 for the last 12 months and do a Max() in set analysis on this field.

Though, it's not the best solution and I suggest to do it this way: Make a standard bookmark that selects the last 12 months upon opening of the dashboard. Then if users select something else, it would change accordingly.




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