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calculate field in load editor

Hi, I have problem with create new field in the load data editor



I would like to have a field to calculate if the KPIs performance exceed the target by more than 10 %, the following is what i try to do, but it fails.




    if(((Sum({$<Types={'Performance'}, Months={'1/12/2015'}>} KPIValue) - Sum({$<Types={Target}, Months={'1/12/2015'}>} KPIValue))/Sum({$<Types={Target}, Months={'1/12/2015'}>} KPIValue))>=0.1, ('Yes'), ('')) as "MoreThan10%"

Resident KPIDetails;

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Re: calculate field in load editor

You can not write set expression in LOAD statement. you have to create multiple tables and perform this operation in load script.

Is there a reason you have to compute this in LOAD script?

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Re: calculate field in load editor

Hi Phaneendra Kunche, thanks for replySmiley Happy  i would like to count the number of KPI exceed the target by more than 10%, and able to trace those KPIs in detail.

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Re: calculate field in load editor

If you just want to get the count of KPI's which exceed 10% of target.

you can move your expression in UI side because Set expressions are not allowed in Script side.

or you can remove you set analysis use group by in your load and do your aggrigation (Sum()) including other required conditions.



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Re: calculate field in load editor

If(sum({$<Type={"Target"}>} Amount)>(sum({$<Type={"Performance"}>} Amount) and

sum({$<Type={"Target"}>} Amount)>10),

sum({$<Type={"Target"}>} Amount))

Might be u r looking like this

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