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Creator II
Creator II

calculated measure help

Hi  all.

I have a source table and in this there are multiple rows per id according to different statuses of another field and also a date field, so data looks like this

ClientID   Date             Result  Status      OrderID

1                 1/1/2020         0                  A                  1

1                 1/1/2020         1                 A                   2

1                1/1/2020         0                  B                   3

1                2/1/2020         1                  A                   4

2                1/1/2020         0                  C                   5

2                  1/1/2020         0                 A                   6


What I was asked to is to make temporary tables of the above data for each Status like this:


LOAD ClientID,
max(OrderID) ,
resident Source_Table
where Status='A'
group by ClientID;


and so on for each status.

Now I am asked to count how many clients had at least a result=0  examining each status, but only taking into account the last Date for each one.

I tried

count(aggr(count({<[Date]={"=max("Date")"},[Result]={'0'}, [Status]={'A'}>+[Date]={"=max("Date")"},[Result]={'0'}, [Status]={'B'}>*[Date]={"=max("Date")"},[Result]={'0'}, [Status]={'C'}>} [ClientID]), [ClientID]))

but doesn't seem right.

I'd rather do it in script but i have no clue how to  with all these new temp tables that don't include result at all (because i need the max date, and grouping by result also may give me two dates with 0 and 1 as results while i just want the max date).


Any help is appreciated. 





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Creator II
Creator II

Anyone? 🤕