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Creator III
Creator III

can we reuse the license key


I have a question- can we reuse the key of Qlik Sense Server, after installation ??


Sarvesh Srivastava

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Probably not,  unless you have an enterprise agreement or valid reason for a reinstall and contact support.


Specialist II
Specialist II

No you cant reuse in multiple servers.

Contributor III
Contributor III


I would like to understand if there is just a legal limitation or a technical limitation.

For example, if I have:

  • 2 servers with Qlik Sense installed: 1st is running, 2nd is off (just to ready to start in case 1st stop to work)

  • 2 servers with Qlik Sense installed, both running, sharing the same app, data, users but in 1st in production alive, 2nd not used, but ready to replace the first one, just in case

  • 2 servers with Qlik Sense installed, both running, sharing the same app, data, users. 1rst is a night server with low cpu ready to serve a few users, 2nd is off during the night (powerful and fast) and in the morning replace the night server to serve all the users. but there it could be an overlapping period (few minutes) when both server are running.

My client is a big company and owns many Qlik Sense tokens already. I think they can arrange a solution easily with the account manager, but it's interesting to understand for me, if there are technical limitations.

For Example:

  • the second server with the same license stops to work
  • 2 servers on the same network stop to work both
  • the second server call home, and inform Qlik Sense that revoke the licence

This is a delicate matter, because an anti-piracy system could be risky and a simple misconfiguration can halt the service. I had an issue with my first qlik server where I burnt all the tokens and made a Qlik server unusable. It was necessary reinstall everything from scratch. 


Specialist II
Specialist II

It is legal limitation Technical your license will work if you apply in two servers.

Contributor III
Contributor III

HI lakshmikandh‌,

thanks for your answer. I got an answer from Qlik tech guy and he said that 2 servers with the same license in the same network (or domain, unclear) stop to work (both, not only the second activated).

In my case, I want to keep a running server and a standby server for backup purpose. If the primary server is not responsive, the second server starts and dns redirect the load. The license issue could be an issue if the primary is not totally offline, and the license transponder reply.

Did you have ever made a test? I will go there soon and I will comment in this post.