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collapse and expand pivot behaviour

In QlikView i could point to a specific dimension and click on expand. The behaviour in QlikView is that all the values within the dimension will be expanded. I don't see this behaviour possible in Qlik Sense.

In Qlik Sense i can only choose between Expand all. Is the QlikView behaviour not possible in Qlik Sense?

Thanks in advanced

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Re: collapse and expand pivot behaviour

What exactly is your requirement? Can you some input & output sample.

Re: collapse and expand pivot behaviour

Is this you are expecting?


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Re: collapse and expand pivot behaviour

Well ... yes .. but i want the pivot to open on all the dimension on the same level.

So this means that the second row should also be expanded in your example. I don't want do to this row-by-row.

But in your case you don't have a second dimension added to the pivot.

See this example. This pivot contains two dimensions


I want to open all of the first dimensions with one click. And not open them one-by-one. Dimension2 should not be opened. And this is openend then i use the collapse all functionality in Qlik Sense