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colormix1 function


i am using qlik sense desktop  , i am using pie chart with drill down dimesions and want to give proper color to each drill down and below expresion is not working with me

if ([Channelfilter] or [Application Status],

ColorMix1([Application Status]= '' or [Channelfilter] = '' ,

if([Application Status]='Invalid' or [Channelfilter]= 'Agency'    ,RGB (196,215,155),

if([Application Status]='valid'   or [Channelfilter]= 'Telesales' ,RGB(230,184,183),

if([Channelfilter]= 'D-sales'                                     ,RGB(90, 240, 96),

if([Channelfilter]= 'HO'                                          ,RGB(184, 204, 228),

if([Channelfilter]= 'Showroom'                                    ,RGB(204, 192, 218),

RGB(90, 240, 96)))))))