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colour question

Hi All,

I have been playing around with the colormix1 options and have worked out how to change the colour of cells from dark blue to white in descending order using this:

Colormix1((sum([Total Pts])-$(=min(aggr( sum([Total Pts]),[Owner]))))/$(=(max(aggr( sum([Total Pts]),[Owner]))-min(aggr( sum([Total Pts]), [Owner])))),white(),rgb(42,46,112))

It works perfectly well.

However, I'd also like to colour the Owner field, using a similar gradient but by doing them in alphabetical order. Is that possible? The types of Data included in the Owner field for example would be: Jon, Dave, Kathy... etc.

Furthermore, I'd also like to colour the Pl field in the same way as the Total Pts field as listed above, but they are highly likely to have the same value throughout, or vary by only 1. For example, the sum of Pl at the moment has all owners on 14. I'd like them all to be the same purple colour when they are all on 14, but the code doesn't work, they all stay white. I tried swapping the position of white and rib in the code, but it made no difference. How can I force it, if they are all the same, to be the chosen colour with no gradient, but still get a gradient if the values differ? (For example, next weekend, some of them will change to 15 or 16, whilst some will stay on 14, before balancing out again at 16 once all games are played).





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