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concatenate 2 tables thru data manager does not work when you hv a 3rd table

Hi all,

I am trying to load data files without writing script using the data manager wizard

Now my goal is to load 3 tables, where 2 of them have exactly the same structure and they are supposed to concatenate

But then the reload will fail when I load the 3 tables together in one time

Please find the attachment for the excel as example

How I do: open data manager -> drag and drop the excel which contains 3 sheets while each represents 1 table -> reload

The root cause is that the auto-generated script is calling an incorrect field names

This problem does not happen when I only load the 2 tables with the same structure

So is this a bug or should I take any precaution when trying to do this using data manager?

Remark: I know this is easy to be done with a script editor, but my target user is from non-tech field. I would like to teach the user to load data without writing any script



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