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connect to facebook campaign and insights

Hi, QSers,

I am check the availability to use Qlik Sense connector to connect to facebook data.

From the example below, we see it is possible to get the  user_id related data, 

Connecting to Facebook using Qlik REST Connector - YouTube

The urls need in the connector seems only available to fetch data belongs to user_id, and page_id, seems not available on ad_id level, which can fetch campaigns and insights.

Is this correct?

And if I need the ads data like campaigns and insight, is QVSource (List Of Connectors For QlikView & Qlik Sense) the only solution by now?

Or it is possible to create  some kind of simple connector in Qlik Sense?

Thanks very much~


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Re: connect to facebook campaign and insights

HI Zhihong,

I found another connector and currently playing around with the trial version. See below link:

Facebook Drivers - Download



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Re: connect to facebook campaign and insights

Hi, Archibald,

Thanks for sharing. That is interesting. Will play with it as well.

Will see which is better to use.


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