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Contributor II
Contributor II

convert calculated column from minutes to days in set analysis.

Hello Everyone,

I have set expression in that I'm using one calculated column that column in minutes and  that column need to convert it into days can anyone help me on that. find the below expression for your reference.


num(count({<Account={'xyz'},Source={'Problem'},Closed_13Month={1},[Assignee Group]={'Ntt*'},[Priority Text] = {'3 - Normal'},
[Short Description] = {'Root Cause Analysis'},UpElapsedTime={'<=2500'}>}[Ticket Id])/
count({<Account={'xyz'},Source={'Problem'},Closed_13Month={1},[Assignee Group]={'Ntt*'},[Priority Text] = {'3 - Normal'},
[Short Description] = {'Root Cause Analysis'}>}[Ticket Id]),'##.##%')

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you could just divide your minutes by 1440