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count going wrong


i have data like this


i am taking pie chart

QualificationCatagery as Dimension

and expression like this

=count(If(Aggr(NODISTINCT  Max(QualToDate), EmployeeNo) = QualToDate, EmployeeNo))

result is coming like this


this values are correct ...

when i select anything like one "Bachelor"

count is coming like this


please help me.

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Re: count going wrong

I think the reason for this behaviour is your max. calculation as condition which also reacts on your selection. Maybe an extention of it with a set analysis to ignore the selections may help, like:

=count(If(Aggr(NODISTINCT  Max({< QualificationCategory = }> QualToDate), EmployeeNo) = QualToDate, EmployeeNo))

- Marcus

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