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count if with like and equal as condition on a separate table

I am trying to use the data from the top table to create the bottom table. For example, "ID" 1 and "FIELD_ID" "A0001" can be found in  column D formula 3 times for "ID" = 1. It will output "COUNT_FORMULA" of 3. This excludes the ones with "ID" 2.

I first tried to separate (not joined) "COMPONENTS" in one table to lookup "CALCULATED" in another table.  It should match the ID and do something like a count on wildmatch/like for FIELD_ID in FORMULA.  However, I wasn't able to find the right syntax to do so.

Note is that something like row 5 is counted once each for row 17 and row 18 since it has both A0002 and A0001.

Thank you!


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