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count the issues id if status change and based on select date?


I have issuesid and issuesstatus and date fields.

I need to create straight table and the issuesid and previous issuesstatus and current issuesstatus  and expression.

expression:by default dates like maximum date and previous date and count the issuesid when issuesstatus change  closed to open.

example:issuesid 10 and issuesstatus previous status is closed and current status is change to open than count the issues id.

But I don't have previous status and current status fields i have only one issuesstatus field.using issuesstatus filed drive the previous and current status fileds.

when i select any two dates example 01/07/2018 and 05/07/2018 than comparison between this two dates count the issuesid.

Ex:issues Id 10 date 01/07/2018 issuesstatus is closed and date 05/07/218 issuesstatus change  to status open than count the issuesid.

Any idea please let me know.


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Re: count the issues id if status change and based on select date?


Can you attach sample data file and expected output for an Issuesid .

Do you have only 1 record for per Issuesid or Multiple records per Issuesid in Database?



Re: count the issues id if status change and based on select date?

Hi Mohammed present I don't have data.

I need output like below straight table.

IssuesId     Previous_status    Current_status    IssuesIdcount    date

11                 closed                    open                       1                  01/01/18

22                closed                    open                        1                 02/01/18

33               closed                   open                         1                 03/01/18


But I don't have Previous And current status fields.I have stuts field an

Like   Status




If user select any two dates and compare those two dates one is min and one is max date calculate issues id when status changed close to open.

If user select  01/01/18(mindate)    and 03/01/18(maxdate).if issuesid 11, 01/01/18 status is closed and same issuesId11 03/01/18 status changed to open Than calculate the issueId.

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