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crazy time duration expresion.

hi there!

Attached you can see a strange and weird stuff is happening to me.

This is a KPI, where i can put the actual month time average duration. If i set the Measure and format from the menu to "Duration" no matter if i use time(avg(CodiDataCalcDiffHoraInici)) or time(avg(CodiDataCalcDiffHoraInici),'hh:mm') i get the correct result: -01:21

Then i want to put it on the subtitle to show actual and previous month value. Like " Actual Time: -01:21 Previous Time: 02:03 "


But the problem is that when i put the expression on the Appearance menu


It shows 22:38 not -01:21 like the expresion set on the Measure menu.

I'm trying to search about the expresion "duration" time format or something like that but no luck by now.

Any idea?

thanks in advance.


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Try using interval() instead of time() formatting function.

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Huge thanks swuehl


Hi Kilian, Time() shows values between 00:00 and 23:59, Interval doesn't have that limits, it can show negative and over 24 hours values.

If it worked, please mark swuehl answer as correct to close the thread.