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data association question

Hello, respected experts,

I am a new Qlik sense enterprise user but played with desktop version for a while.

I have a problem with data association (at least i think it is all about data association)

I have uploaded 3 files from database, sales, booking and backlog, which all have date, product type, region, industry sector and customer name fields. currently I associate them together with a separate calendar file with YearMonth fields. so I created a  filter with "Year Quarter Month" to show the total depending on the time period selected. so far so good.

I also need to create  filters to look at region, product Type or IndustrySector for all three files, which I ran into problems.

if I use sales.productType as dimension for filter, I can't filter other two files; if I associate all three files with ProductType, then I can filter ProductType for 3 files w/o problem, but I can't select time period of all 3 files.  I understand it is not recommended to have more than one association (causing synthetic key), but how do I approach this?

also, I want to create the table as below for the select time period, only sales show the correct distribution among the industrySector, orders and backlog only populated as total values;


can I create a dimension which can apply to all 3 files, and used in table and filter? 

can creating a compound key to associate all 3 files solve the problem? how the compound key would look like in this case?

Please forgive the question is too basic, got stuck.

I am looking forward to reading here for solutions,


Message was edited by: Lei Zhou I created a sample file mirroring the real data. Thanks all the community experts, please shed me some lights on my problems, I want to have this solved. THANKS!!!

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Re: data association question

thank you very much for both of you. I will generate  sample data sets and Qlik  application and upload. thanks.

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Re: data association question

Hi Lei,

You can see a fragment of your original data? Ideally, downloaded Qlik Sense.



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Re: data association question

Dear Lei,

if you have multiple dimension fields common  between the tables you can use Link Table concept to affect the selection on all the fields.

can you share the sample application so that we can help you in better way,



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Re: data association question

thank you very much for both of you. I will generate  sample data sets and Qlik  application and upload. thanks.

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Re: data association question


I think you should take a look at concatenate and best practices of creating data models in Qlik. It's not as in a database.

Understanding Join, Keep and Concatenate


Best Practices for Data Modelling

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Re: data association question

how do I upload a qvf file here? Thanks.