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deployment access to particular stream

Hi there,

I have a user who needs to be able to create, update, delete and publish apps in Sense. However, this user is an external contractor who should not have visibility of certain existing apps for security reasons.

It is possible to grant access to a user to do these things but only on a specific stream - and denying them access to everything else?



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Re: deployment access to particular stream

You can do that,

Add a user to the stream..

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Re: deployment access to particular stream


Apologies - I should have made myself clearer, Yes, I can add that user to a stream, but the user also requires either Deployment or Content Admin rights to publish it. As I gather, either of these rights allows him to look at all the apps through the QMC - which I don't want them to do. They could publish an app they aren't entitled to see into a stream they have access to.