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difference between #(hash) and $(dollar)


Could anyone please explain me the difference between # and $ sign before variables and when we use quotes('') with dollar and hash?

For eg: I have an inline fuction

i have min date as vmin=11/11/2013;

load * inline[

no, date





where $(min)>'$(#date)'

i m not getting the values if i dont use # .

can anyone please help?

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Re: difference between #(hash) and $(dollar)

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Re: difference between #(hash) and $(dollar)

$(Dollar) is nothing but its your $ Expansion, see already shared posting with you.

#(Hash), it might be put before your fieldname but never heard anything like putting # sign before a field

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Re: difference between #(hash) and $(dollar)

Hi Priyanshi,

You use quotes basically when you need a variables as a string. in your example, if you never used quotes for $(#date) it would not be treated as a string. it would just be a date like this: 2015/12/28 , but when you use quotes (' ') , it is converted to a string like this:'2015/12/28'

$ is used to evaluate the expression in the variable :

Check these articles for deeper insights on $ expansion:

The Magic of Variables

The Magic of Dollar Expansions


Re: difference between #(hash) and $(dollar)

'#' before a variable is used (I have not seen much of use cases) if the variable is meant to be evaluated as numeric value. For dollar ($) you have got references to be followed above, the single line highlight here could be

a dollar expansion is something that is done before the expression (or statement) is evaluated.

Single quotes are used when we compare strings. For better understanding and knowledge, read: QlikView Quoteology