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difference in counts

Hi all,

I have attached a . qvf file. Please check and help me to create a master calendar for the date fields present in the tables.

I need to create a bar chart where it has 3 bars, and i need on weekly basis.




1. Count of invitation_id

2. count of invitation_id where landing_page_accessed = 1

3. count of invitation_id where user_signed = 1

4. count of invitation_id where course_completed = 1.

I am not getting how to use different date fields, (date_created, date_signed, date_completed).

if i use single date field the counts are coming properly.

If i use canonical date as date field for weekgroup the values are changing.

Help to create a bar chart of all four measures with exact counts.



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Re: Need to create a master calendar

I am also adding the image where i am getting the wrong values from the server.


canonical date.png

In the above images you can observe the first image is  used "date_completed"  date field the 6 count for date 09-14-2015 it's correct.

but, In the second image i am using the "canonical date" date field but new counts are adding.

Can you please anyone explain the reason why this is happening and where i need to correct it.



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Re: difference in counts

Hi Pramod,

can you share some sample data, for better analysis.



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Re: difference in counts

Please find the sample data.