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Creator III
Creator III

display fields according to filter selections

Hi All,

I have a table  and I am using a the below condition to display the fields according to the filter selection . 


=if(GetFieldSelections([Game Type])='cricket',Cricket_team,wrestling_team)


My need is like if I select Game type as cricket then it whould display the field Cricket_team, and if I select Wrestling

then it should hide cricket_team and display only the selected game type ,

If i select both then both should be selected how do i do this ? 

I can make selection of one team at a time , 




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Add both columns to your table and in the "Show Column if" expression use:

For Cricket_team:

=if(GetSelectedCount([Game Type]) >= 1 and match('cricket',$(=concat(chr(39)&[Game Type]&chr(39),',')))>=1,1,0)

For wrestling_team:

=if(GetSelectedCount([Game Type]) >= 1 and match('wrestling',$(=concat(chr(39)&[Game Type]&chr(39),',')))>=1,1,0)