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Creator II
Creator II

edit/customize an "imported" extension from github

Hello all, I apologize in advance if this is a rudimentary question.

I have a few extensions that are currently being used in my app. I'd like to do minimal edits to an imported extension, really just editing the color of a slider/button/etc/

When I open up a specific extension from the dev-hub, it doesn't provide the pertaining json, css files. Really its just the qext. Now, I go into github take a copy of the css files and save it as the same name within dev-hub, hoping this will let me make small color changes. Doesn't seem to work. 

Is there a way to edit an extension I bring in from other developers/github? Thanks all. 

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You can open the files directly using a text editor like notepad, or something like vscode if you want editing help.  Dev-hub assumes the extension is packed in a certain style which may not be what you've downloaded.