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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

expected behavior for filter values upon user selection


I have 2 fields - year and month

I wanted to show a full scale of fiscal year and month on a bar chart so I did some manipulation on the scripting side so that now my new field will show values with YEAR + MONTH. 


[Fiscal Year]&' - '&[Fiscal Month] as [Fiscal Year Month]

values = 2019-01, 2019-02, 2019-03, etc

I was able to incorporate a moving average to this and all looks fine. When I select a specific year from the filter pane, it will only show the first month, in this case January. I was hoping upon selecting one year, it will show me all the months Jan - Dec (01-12). I've brought in my newly created dimension as a filter pane but then that forces users to select all the values for the month for the given year. 

Any workarounds on this? 


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


If you have a Date column then you can give

Year(FiscalDate)&' - '&Month(FiscalDate)   as Dimension

In filter use Year(FiscalDate) 


You can share the QVF I will get back to u ASAP

Hope this helps 


Thanks and Regards