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Creator II
Creator II

expression error

Hello All,

with below expression "OR" condition not working for me. If I enable one line its working fine but with multiple conditions not working for me as expected. kindly sugggest me.

//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Card Services',0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Chase Auto',0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='BCC',0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Business Banking',0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Card Services' ,0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='CCB Ops' ,0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Consumer Banking',0,1)or
//if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Digital',0,1)


Thanks and Regards,


1 Reply

Have you tried to use the or inside of the else condition?

Something similar to this: 

if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Card Services',0,(if(GetSelectedCount(Flagging)=1 and Flagging='Chase Auto',0,1))

The way you are using your expression it will either be 0 or 1 in the first part what will never trigger the second expression aft OR.
If you embed one expression inside of the other you are saying that if the condition is not true, the second condition will be evaluated.

I hope it makes sense.
Please let me know if it helps you and if your problem was solved.

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