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expression issue with averages



I am having issues with a expression

Currently my expression is the following: 

=if(ReleaseDate >= date(08/08/2019,'MM/DD/YYYY'),sum(MissingCounts),'n/a')

The goal is to find the average MissingCounts of the past two weeks of data. 

When I run the report I am getting a  '-' for an answer. I believe this is a miscalculation issue. Something like dates and numerical value being compared with no defined answer.  All included data for the report has data so I am seeing > 0 for all included data used in MissingCounts. 




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Re: expression issue with averages

Try using date# instead of date, since you want to convert the text to date and not the other way around

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Re: expression issue with averages

=sum({<ReleaseDate {'>=08/08/2019'} >}MissingCounts)