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fetching rows based on startdate

Hi all,

i have campaignmetrics table, where it as campaign_start_date, here i have to get rows, where campaign_start_date contains date of previous month dates.

How could i get these rows. Please help me on this any help is appreciated.


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Re: fetching rows based on startdate

have you tried this logic in where clause of your table load?

Month(campaign_start_date) <MONTH(TODAY())


Re: fetching rows based on startdate

for previous month

you can check the month start of campaign_start_date is the same as monthstart of 1 month ago



     MonthStart(AddMonths(today(), -1)) = MonthStart(campaign_start_date)

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Re: fetching rows based on startdate


Thanks for reply

here campaign starts( campaign_start_date ) every thuesday and end in sunday of each week.

so my previous month will be in  27-06-2016 to 31-07-2016

my current month will be 01-08-2016 to 28-08-2016.

so i wont be able to use MonthStart(AddMonths(today(), -1)) = MonthStart(campaign_start_date).

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