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filter to exclude selection in Qlik Sense?

I need to use Filter pane to exclude the selected value for the field. How can I do it? Thanks!:)

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couldn't actually use any...

Ended up telling my stakeholders to use "Select Excluded" on the front-end when they use the filter.


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Use filter pane to exclude selected value? May be like this:

{<FieldName = e(ExcludedFilterFieldName)>}

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

I have done something similar to this. Im not sure if this will help, but maybe it will put you on the right path.

You can add a button in the caption to exclude current client.

          Listbox Properties> Caption>Special Icons>Select Exclude

One issue with this method is that you have to have the caption visible, and with some design standards, that is not possible.

Another way is to make a button that uses Select Exclude

     New Sheet Object>Button>Actions>Add>Selection>Select Exclude

Hope this helps!


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Thanks Sunny but how should I use this? Please see below, and let me know what expression I should use in Filter pane?

My field1 includes values: A,B,C or D

When the user selects A, I want the sheets to NOT show A

When the user selects B, I want the sheets to NOT show B

Same for C and D


Sheet or a particular chart? I guess how exactly are you using this?

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I have a Filter pane on the sheet. Not a particular chart. So the user wants this particular filter pane to work the opposite So when they click on 'A', everything in the app shows B,C,D data and not A. Let me know if it's not clear yet?

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Hi Jimmy, this is Qlik Sense, I think what you explained would work in Qlikview?

Specialist III
Specialist III

As far as i know there is no direct property you can set in the filter pane. All you can do is add set analysis in the each expression in your sheet to exclude the selection as stalwar1 suggested {<FieldName = e(ExcludedFilterFieldName)>}

Creator III
Creator III

There is another work around....

You could create a new field to use as a list box which links with all data except for the bit you want to exclude.

If you just have A B C and D its not difficult to create, however if its a long (or changing) list then it might not be suitable.

So as an example below i have loaded some random value against my field that i have called 'FLAG'.

I've then created a table below that links the value in FLAG to all values except the value selected.

You would put the 'NewFlag' as the filter box and the end result would be as you have requested.

//Loading random data to test concept



    FLAG, Value

    A, 10

    B, 20

    C, 30

    D, 40


//Creation of New filter field



    FLAG, NewFlag

    A, B

    A, C

    A, D

    B, A

    B, C

    B, D

    C, A

    C, B

    C, D

    D, A

    D, B

    D, C


Hope this helps


Creator III
Creator III


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