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formatting number


I got a pivot table that contains numbers like 8897453

is there a number format that displays this number as divided by 1000 and thus the result is 8,897
I don't want to divide the number by 1000 but displayed as if divided by 1000

kindly advise

I can walk on water when it freezes
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May be using Dual function? But don't understand the point of displaying it in one way and underlying being different?


the thing is that we have so many expressions in a dashboard that are related to amounts in currencies

in these expressions we are already formatting amounts as num($(variable),variable_format)

where variable format contains the desired format which is now #,##0.00

First end users wanted to remove decimal points so the change was easy we went to the variable_format and made it #,##0
now the users decided that these amounts should be displayed with K so we needed to divide the amounts by 1000

however this modification is huge so I was trying to find if there is a rapid approach to this modification

I can walk on water when it freezes

okay, but don't know if there a better way to do this.