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Contributor III
Contributor III

getcurrentselectoin with variable

Hi guys,

I have a filter1 with variables:

filter1 expression:
IF( $(vVariable1) = 1, Column1, 

 IF( $(vVariable1) = 2, Column2,

  IF( $(vVariable1) = 3, Column3, 

     IF( $(vVariable1) = 4, Column4))))

I need to verify if there is a selection in this filter. How can I do this, when I select one value  in  filter1, I cant know if which column was selected because I'm selecting in filter1 .


I have a chart that shows values only if one selection is made in filter1.

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Creator III
Creator III


I think the expression GetSelectedCount() would be useful for you..
Something like:

IF( $(vVariable1) = 1, if(GetSelectedCount(Column1)>0, Column1) ,


Contributor III
Contributor III

First of all, thank you for your answer...

Its not working, because when I select the filter, I'm selection the filter and not the Column1, so the getselectedcount is null for Column1